At Sophia clinic, a multi-disciplinary healthcare team works collaboratively to address the needs of women who seek our care, advice and counsel. As our primary concern is the optimal health and wellbeing of every mother and her child, our treatment plans are individually designed to meet varying needs and circumstances. The practice is situated at 48 Hennie Winterbachstreet, Panorama in Cape Town.

The Sophia clinic is a dedication to my mother, Pauline du Toit, who raised 5 children. We are privileged to each have our own unique relationship with my mother and she has always been and still is the glue that keeps us together. 

It is my wish that each mother will have the ability to experience motherhood in her own unique way while providing her child a safe and secure home. It will be my privilege to assist you in managing the challenges that both pregnancy and mental illness brings.

– Dr Elsa du Toit